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What’s Upcoming for 2015?


SEO Made Simple For 2015

Sean Odom




Anonymous Vengeance

Sean Odom
Available on Amazon
All New Cover!

MCTS Windows 7 Basics For Beginners

Sean Carlson
Available on Amazon


SEO For 2013 by Sean Odom and Christian Habermann

SEO For 2013: Search Engine Optimization Secrets

Sean Odom & Christian Habermann
Best Seller – Available Everywhere


Anonymous Vengeance In the Second Degree

Farrell Kingsley

patte et main

My Boyfriend The Werewolf Part 2

Susan Pruna

My Boyfriend The Werewolf

Susan Pruna
Available on Amazon

Orlando’s DisneyWorld: The 2015 Guide Book


Inspiring Emily

Mikayla Brielle
Available July 31, 2013