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About MediaWorks Publishing

MediaWorks is a joint venture of well known and established authors with distributors in the UK and the US. The company is currently headed by Neil Goodfellow serving as the Publisher of Record. MediaWorks Press and Media Works Publishing strives to bring on the best authors for our technical book series and the most intriguing writers in our fiction and literary categories. We strive to publish the best technical, engineering and fiction books available.

Recently we have started helping those people who want to self publish their books with special packages where we promote and distribute your book as well as collect and disperse the royalties. You make a greater percentage of the royalties this way.

Our late publisher and chairman, Steve Ready, established this privately held company in November of 1963. What started as nothing more than a dream and a $300 loan using a lawn mower repair business as collateral, has turned into a multimillion dollar empire which includes several news outlets.. In 2011 alone we will introduce 28 news books with the MediaWorks Publishing brand name.

In January of 2010 we purchased Royal House Publishing, a Beverly Hills, California publishing house and expanded our range of books. This acquisition will enable us to have a broader reach in the international distribution market and expand our books in to other markets and languages this year.

UPDATE:  March of 2013 we purchased Orchid Publishing a Oxnard, California publishing house.